petition to stop tumblr user ohstylesno

lol, heeeeeey :p


Someone needs to take Cesilie’s photoshop away.

petition to stop tumblr user ohstylesno

Anonymous said:
you cant have an opinion on what someones sexuality is, especially when/if they havent even come out yet thats really rude

I totally agree with you anon

Anonymous said:
What do you think people will do/say when harry actually comes out? Hahaha can't wait for all the excuses!

I don’t think that’s funny actually tbh. People just shouldn’t mind about someone else’s sexuality, at least that’s what I think I might be wrong :)

Anonymous said:
Obviously we're not in his brain but it's like at least as likely that he just wrote strong as a throwaway comment without it having anything to do with the song or Louis like he could even be commenting about those guys' arms for all we know

All I can say about that picture is that both guys have a nice ass oh and I have never talked about Louis or Larry or Harry ’ s sexuality

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